35A Max Power Supply Rectifier Board for Audio Amplifiers


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    • High Quality Capacitors - 10000uf 63v x 4 SAMWHA Original Capacitors Dia Ø 30mm.
    • Heavy Duty Bridge Rectifier - GBJ5010 / GBJ5010 ( always fit with heatsink )
    • Unregulated power supply - Capable of delivering high peak currents with low Ripple.
    •  Amplifier usability - Designed for High Fidality / High power audio amplifiers.
  • Additional Information

    Advanced Features - Dual Reservoir or Pi Filter capable supply.

     Protection devices - fuses are provided on each supply rail for preventing burnout in case of fault or short circuit.

    Standard Components - standard branded components which are available online or at your local electronics store.

     No SMD components - only through hole components are used in the pcb, this makes soldering and replacement of components hassle free.

    2 Type of connectors - Metal Tab Connectors or Screw Terminal of 5mm pitch can be used at input and output to handle High Currents.

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