Stereo Speaker Protection board with Turn on Delay


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  • High Current - 10 ampere Max relay support ( standard sugar cube relay )

    Dual Channel - Both Channel Speakers of Stereo amplifier can be protected with one board.

    DC Detection - as low as ±2 volt DC can trigger the relay and protect the speakers.

    Fault indication - in case of DC at speaker out and Relay will not turn on and connect the amplifier to speakers.

    On Board Regulator - Power supply rectifier and voltage regulators in built so this board can work with any supply AC up to 30 Volts Max.

    Turn on Delay - Delay of 2- 5 Seconds so the speakers can be protected from on / off Transients.

    Standard Components - All components used are available online or at your local electronics store.

    No SMD components - Only through hole components used, making soldering and replacement hassle free.